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Exhibition Stand

See our portfolio and reach us.

With our higly experienced designers you will never get any suprises on venue. You always get exactly what you saw on design.

​Let's say hi and see how your unique pattern is!

Travel & Accommodation

A good mind requires a good night.

All the time spent in a totally new place requires a safe and comfy stay.

You will be busy enough with the pre show arangements and other stuff. So, a decent place you can calm yourself is more than valuable at those times.

Rental Equipment

Any kind, any type and size.

A booth itself is not enough. 

Please ask for extras catalog and take a look at our wide range of rental stuff.

TV's, furniture, cabinets, showcases and etc.  

Every step is important and requires experts who are aware of how significant it is and pays attention even to the smallest details.

From the very first moment, starting with the brief, we brainstorm, design, revise, finalize and install with %110 percent care and attention. You will experience the unique comfort of collaborating with artpatt.

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